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Security Systems

Video Surveillance
Systems / Video Analytics

Because we know that every project is different, our video management solutions are tailor - made to suit the needs of our customers. We work to develop a solution that meets our customer's unique requirements. Our desings help our customers to optimize its internal processes by identifying weak points and potential risks.

Access Control Systems

Our flexible integrated access control solutions are designed to meet our customer business requirements. Our customers efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points while controlling risk, improving business efficiency, ensuring business continuity and increasing profiability.

Perimeter Protection /
Intrusion Detection Systems

Our highly reliable and robust perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems are suited to the most rigorous and demanding perimeter requirements even in adverse conditions. Our solutions are capable of integrating security cameras, access control and intruder alarm.

Parking Management

Pioneers in integrating automatic parking management systems that offer our customers with simple and reliable cutting-edge technologies with the most modern payment options. Our solutions allow our customers to measure and control over mobile applications.

Fire Alarm /
Mass Notification Systems

Cost effective fire alarm and mass notification solutions for small to large sites. With an extensive portfolio of life safety notification devices, we offer the products you need to protect lives while meeting the most demanding code requirements.

Intercom / Tele-Entry

Our smart intercom and tele-entry systems are designed to meet customer expectations. our solutions include on site or off premises applications.

Smart Locks

From gates, generators, shipping containers and trucks, to cabinets, valves and doors explore the keyless and connected smart locks that best fit your business needs and exceed all applicable security levels.